John Rosatti: Luxury Travel Aboard the Super Yacht

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When you hear the term super motor yacht, you immediately
think big–big boat, big vacations, and especially big money. So
what does $20 million buy you in the world of luxury yachts? And
why spend more on a boat than even the most extravagant of homes sell for?

Climbing aboard a super yacht, you will discover fine craftsmanship, luxurious ambiance, and first-class service, along
with exquisite detailing and enough space to impress even the
upper most high-end clientele. However, in the yacht world,
there’s no way around it–size matters and what distinguishes a
super yacht from other yachts is length. Usually 25 meters is the
standard demarcation for a super yacht with an average of 5-6
decks. The number of guest rooms and other living areas will
vary, as will any extra facilities such as pools, jacuzzis,
saunas, steam rooms, massage and beauty salons, medical centers, playrooms, discos, cinemas, and the like. Many will offer several bars, private sitting areas, VIP cabins, a library, and two
separate dining rooms.


Aside from lavish amenities, mega yacht owners enjoy greater
privacy and the opportunity to travel just about anywhere. For
some, yachting also provides a sense of living on the water and
the freedom to sail to far-off, exotic locations. But for many,
yacht ownership is primarily an investment. If well taken care
of, luxury motor yachts can typically appreciate in value and be
chartered out when not in private use. Boats this size also
afford comfortable, long-term living accommodations and are great vehicles for business and entertaining.

Super motor yacht owner, John Rosatti, often sails Nice ‘N Easy from New York to Florida during the summer months and to numerous other locations including the Hamptons, Newport, Rhode Island, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands. He showed Nice ‘N Easy at the Monaco Yacht Show last year and just recently at the 50th Anniversary International Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. Rosatti and his long-time girlfriend Dawn have also sailed around the Mediterranean, visiting Croatia and Italy During the summer of 2007, they took an extended trip to other parts of Europe. In 2010, he will be showing his new yacht 
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