Dubai’s International Boat Show

Located on the Persian Gulf, southwest of Sharijah and northwest of Abu Dhabi, the city of Dubai is the most significant international city located on the Arabian Peninsula in the world today.

The city of Dubai first gained the world’s attention with the beginning of large-scale construction projects, which attracted leading developers around the globe. The extravagant modern Islamic architecture of Dubai with its tallest building in the world has made the city one of the most visited cities on earth. Because of the rapid population growth in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai created a man-made island to accommodate their new elite residents and tourists.
Today, Dubai is the only place on earth, where an individual can literally buy a piece of the world or invest in real estate on the island, that was created by people who called it “Palm Deira”.

From a global view, the massive islands can be seen as a spectacular work of art, and the high-rises light up the night skies, revealing the amazement of the cities.
The elite residents of the massive Islands of Dubai have developed a strong demand for yachting. The recent development of Dubai’s Maritime City will be the first ever artificially created island, specifically made for yachts and their owners. Dubai Maritime City will be near the waterfront, housing the super yacht owners, serving as a private docking for their elite residential community. The island will also provide houses for many yacht builders, and it will also be the center and the pivotal point for the shipping trade business of the United Arab Emirates.

This new development has made the Dubai the world’s leader in the yachting industry, making the international boat show an important event.
The construction of the Dubai Maritime City island, the world’s most comprehensive maritime complex, is now well underway. This was announced yesterday at a presentation conducted by Helen Sell, Marketing Manager of Dubai Maritime City on behalf of Amer Ali, Project Manager of Dubai Maritime City to the international journalists at the Dubai International Boat Show held on November 20-22, 2005. She further explained that construction is divided into phases of development which are also subdivided into individual design and construction packages.

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