GoDaddy’s, 51 yr old Mark Martin win’s his first Daytona 500 pole


Mark Martin’s long career has earned him admiration from both fellow drivers and fans alike. Born in Arkansas in 1959, Martin raced dirt tracks for a number of years before joining the NASCAR circuit in 1981. Martin accomplished very little and rejoined the American Speed Association in 1984. After rejoining NASCAR in 1987, Martin finally won his first race in 1989 and continued to win 35 more races, although never won the season championships.

This Saturday, 51 yr old Mark Martin racing for the Hendrick motorsports team sponsored by the popular .com company was behind the wheel of the # 5 Chevrolet raced at the Daytona International track at 191.188, miles per hour winning Martin first pole. Mark Martin has become the oldest driver ever to win the 500 pole. The once forgotten Hendrick MotorSports Teammate, Martin proved age just give’s an individual the experience needed to win and qualify for the 2010 Daytona 500.

Michael Schumacher, one of the best Formula 1 racers in history!

by: Steven Schlosser

Michael Schumacher, one of the best Formula 1 racers in history, is returning to F1 to drive for Mercedes in 2010. Between 1991 and 2006, Michael Schumacher competed in 249 F1 races with Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari. In 1994 and 1995, he won the F1 driver’s championship, and again for five straight years 2000-2004.

This is something nobody could have foreseen, and proves to be very exciting. According to Shumacher, he took the offer to have a chance to pay back Mercedes whom steered his pre-F1 career. “The one reason I seriously thought about my return is it’s because an old friend asked me,” Schumacher said. Schumacher turns 41 on January 3rd, and announced his comeback after three years of retirement from the sport he controlled for the first half of the decade. “Three years of absence gave back all the energy that I’m feeling right now,” Michael Schumacher said in a telephone conference. “I feel ready for some serious stuff.” Nico Rosberg, an all-German team in the 2010 season will include Schumacher and has reported they are trying to work a deal throughout the 2012 season. “We are talking about a three-year deal.

It’s not a one-off thing,” Michael Schumacher said. “We are looking for some continuation.” I hope that this will not be just a onetime return for the all-star racer. Since his retirement, Michael Schumacher has been working as a consultant with ferrari, and has spectated a few F1 races. He said a permanent comeback had not crossed his mind until approached by Mercedes team Principal Ross Brawn. “I was not thinking I would have an offer,” Michael Schumacher said. “I could not have imagined I would have returned. Due to this special combination, that no one could have planned in advance, I just thought, “why not?”" With Michael Schumacher returning to F1 this upcoming season, it will definitely be one of the hottest events to add into the Formula 1 history.



2010 Formula One to be Held at Silverstone

by Steven Schlosser British Grand Prix

After much stress, the British Grand Prix has been saved from expulsion. A recent contract made between Formula One and the Donington venue failed after the track was unable to raise redevelopment funds needed to stage the race. Formula One left in the hole, they were considering moving the race to another country.

However, two days before the deadline for the 2010 race location, Formula One finally struck a deal with Silverstone that will allow the famous venue to host the race for the next 17 years. Silverstone Managing Director Richard Phillips was ecstatic to report they have only been able to secure five-year deals due to the investment needed to redevelop, and the upcoming 17 years will give the ability to invest and move forward.

lewis hamilton“We’ve always had the belief the British Grand Prix was an important cornerstone of Formula One but, with Bernie, You’re never quite sure,” Phillips said. Damon Hill, the 1996 Formula One driver’s champion and President of the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), which owns Silverstone, admitted the venue would have to work to meet its commitments, but welcomed the deal with open arms. “It’s not easy to enter into an agreement of this magnitude,” Hill said. “the BRDC felt we wanted this relationship to continue, and we were prepared to back the negotiating team, with the level of risk satisfactory for the deal to go ahead.” The Very First British Grand Prix was held at the Silverstone location in 1950 and the venue has hosted the most races since; including every race since 1987.